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​An Efficient and Effective Consumer Affairs Body
​ ​Mission
​To Protect and Serve the Interest of Brunei Consumers, and Promote Fair Trading and Competition to Create a Healthy Business Environment
​ ​Functions
  • To enforce Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Order 2011, Price Control Act (Amendment) Order 2012 and Competition Order 
  • To develop and implement national consumer policy and competition policy
  • To enhance efficient market, conduct and promote competition in the markets in Brunei Darussalam
  • To cooperate and coordinate national consumer/competition policies with relevant stakeholders
  • As a Centre for Consumer Complaint/Redress
  • To develop and implement consumer awareness and education programmes
  • To control and monitor prices of essential goods and activities related to sales/promotions
  • To provide training and expertise to staff in relevant fields
  • To establish networking with national, regional, international groups and movements
  • As focal coordinating agency for Brunei Darussalam's involvement in international and regional consumer affairs matters
​ ​Strategic Goals
​Enhanced Consumer Welfare
​ ​Strategies
  • To promote and protect fair trading within the market
  • To develop comprehensive and coordinated consumer awareness and education programmes at all leve
  • To promote and protect fair competition within the market
  • To enhance human capacity building