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​THE Department of Economic Planning and Development’s (JPKE) price control enforcement statistics has shown a drop in price control offences by half in February compared to January. Only 11 offences were found in February compared to 21 offences recorded in the previous month. The positive development is due to continuous effort by JPKE in its enforcement and advocacy effort to promote ethical business conducts and to uphold consumer welfare.

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​TWENTY business premises were found committing offences under the Price Control Act, Chapter 142 and price display regulations in January 2019.

The offences were found during daily routine inspections throughout the country and resulted in the issuance of two compounds of BND700 each, eight compounds of BND500 each and 11 warning notices by the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE).

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Price Controlled Items ​Updates
​​Passenger Motor Vehicles Sept 2016​
Powdered Infant Milk​​​​​​​ Sept 2016​
Cooking Oil​​​​​​​​​ Sept 2016

Weekly Price Comparison
​​10 October 2016
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Latest Key Indicators
Price Control
2014 - Sept 2016
​Number of Warning Notices Issued ​191
​Number of Compound Issued 19
Jan - Sept 2016​ ​
Number of Companies Applied for Cheap Sale Price Event​ 370​
Consumer Protection
Number of Consumer Complaints Received 82​

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Price Controlled Items ​Updates
​​Passenger Motor VehiclesSept 2016​
Powdered Infant Milk​​​​​​​Sept 2016​
Cooking Oil​​​​​​​​​Sept 2016

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